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Little Bird Pottery

Create Your Own Rainbow Ceramic Thumb Mug

Create Your Own Rainbow Ceramic Thumb Mug

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"Create Your Own Rainbow Everyday" is a great reminder of who A-#1 is!! And as an added bonus, great advice on the other side of the mug, "And smile a lot. It confuses people!"

This smaller-than-my-normal sized thumb mug (meaning: it has no handle, but it's shaped so that your thumb and fingers rest nicely in indentations) is a lovely feeling mug that was hand thrown on the wheel. Rainbows and hearts surround the outside, and a groovy, drippy rainbow design on the inside. There is a sweet rainbow between clouds painted on the bottom.

Height: 3.75" / 2.75" opening / width:4.25"
Weight: 12oz

All items are completely handmade. No two items will ever be alike. My favorite ceramics are the ones that make me laugh!

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