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Little Bird Pottery

This is my Otter Cup Ceramic Mug

This is my Otter Cup Ceramic Mug

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"This is my Otter Cup" Okay, lately, we're seeing otters EVERYWHERE! Well, why wouldn't we... they are so otterly ADORABLE. Did you know Sea otters can eat 25 per cent of their body weight in food each day and they hold each other’s hands to stay close while sleeping? 

This mug, using the sgraffito method, is decorated with two hand-holding otters, cattails and other greenery, and a couple of other fun otters. The wheel-thrown mug is black and white and has a beautiful lilac colored inside. There is an additional adorable otter painted on the bottom of this piece of pottery.

Size: 4.25" tall / 3.5" opening / 5.25" wide with handle
Weight: 1.5 lbs

All items are completely handmade. No two items will ever be alike.

Sgraffito is a technique where potters can put a layer of glaze or slip on a piece of pottery, let it dry, then use a pottery carving tool to scratch at it to show the base layer of color. Sgraffito derives from an Italian word meaning “to scratch”.

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