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Don't Talk to Strangers Ceramic Mug

Don't Talk to Strangers Ceramic Mug

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"Don't Talk to Strangers" Alien Abduction Ceramic Mug is hand-built and designed by the mishima technique. Colorful outside, and galaxy blue on the inside. Fun little Alien waving hi on the handle, and painted on the bottom is an adorable little astronaut.

Estimated Size: 4" tall / 3.6" opening / 5.5" wide with handle
Weight: 15.5 oz

All items are completely handmade. No two items will ever be alike. My favorite ceramics are the ones that make me laugh!

Mishima is a technique where you cover the entire greenware piece (not yet been fired) with wax resist. You then carve out your design and cover with underglaze, so that the color is filled into the grooves. Once it's been bisque fired (the first of 2 firings), I add the color, cover with clear glaze and then fire again.

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